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Functional Ingredients, Flavorings & Technical ServicesFunctional Ingredients            
Custom Seasoning Blends
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Technical Food Service Support
Food Analysis Laboratory
Food Industry Consulting
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Seasoning Blends: Seasonings Ready To Use in a One Ingredient System
Food Product Development Solutions:  Dr. G’s Food Consults Support You Throughout Your New Food Product Development & Optimization Processes
Food Marketing Partnership: Dr. G’s Team is Your Partner in the Competitive Food Market for Consulting, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Laboratory Analysis

Dr. G's Creations - Functional Ingredients Supplier
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Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredient Design & Supply - Dr. G’s Creations®  LLC specializes in the design and application of functional ingredient systems to impart the desired texture, yield and taste characteristics to processed food, beverages and dairy products.  More about Functional Ingredients.

    Advantages of Functional Flavor Ingredient Blends:

    Functional Food Ingredients, Flavors, tech support Customized Bends - We help define needs & requirements  for new products or enhance existing products.

    Convenience - Seasoning Blends are simple and easy to use with reliable results in your processing.

    Higher Profits - Cost is a key factor to maintain a competitive edge in food industry.  Our functional solutions provide higher profits through food products improvement, consistent process, higher yields and improved food taste and quality.


    Nu Phos® / Ne Yu® Bind - for meat marination (Poultry, Pork, Beef, Seafood)       

    Ne Yu® Crisp / Ne Yu® Seal  - for meat adhesion and texture

    Ne Yu® Coat / Ne Yu® Glaze – for meat appearance and presentation

Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you assisting in the design and selection of custom blended seasonings and functional food ingredients to improve products and increase production and profitability. More about Functional Ingredients, Modified Food Starches, Starches, Salt Replacer, Phosphate replacers, Glaze, Crispness, Yield Enhancers, Textures, Rice Starch, Corn Starch, Starches, Natural Starches.

Blended seasonings for food industryCustom Seasoning Blends

Custom Blended Seasonings - Dr. G’s Creations®  LLC specializes in the design and application of seasoning / flavor systems to impart the desired taste characteristics to your product (food, beverage and dairy).  We are ready to work with you in the selection of custom seasoning blends to perfectly fit your product.  More about Seasoning Blends, Snack Seasoning, Dry Blends, Seasoning Blends, Health Food Ingredients, Cuisine Food Mixes, Chef Mixes.


4UR® Taste Specialty Sauces, Soups, Seasonings

tastehomepg400Dr. G’s Creations® ’ Chef Quality seasonings, sauces, mixes and cooking products were developed to provide exceptionally good taste. These specialty seasoning items can make your food easier to prepare and will be an instant sensation with consumers. Call us today and let Dr. G’s Creations® help you prepare better tasting gravies, sauces & soups while enjoying higher profits.  More about  4UR® Taste Sauces, Soup, Roux’s, Glazes, Dressing, Gravies, Classic Sauces, Gumbos.


Technical Food Service Support

food industry consultingFunctional Food Systems Support & Customer Service - Our technical staff has served the needs of the North American & International food industry for many years.   Dr. G’s Creations prides itself for assisting the food industry in the development of new tastes and new food products, product enhancement, increased profitability. More about Functional Food Systems Support, R & D, New Product Development, Consulting, Training, Ingredient Functionality, Yield, Product Enhancement, Trouble Shooting, Functional Food Ingredients, Starches, Modified Food Starches.


Food Analysis Laboratory

Dr. G’s  Food Analysis Laboratory serves the  food industry, offering comprehensive microbiology and chemistry product analysis with personal service and attention.  Dr. G’s Food Analysis Laboratory can provide services to meet all of your testing and quality assurance needs. More about the Functional Food Analysis Laboratory.

Our goal is simple... become your first choice as an Ingredient Supplier, Technical Advisor &  Food Analysis Laboratory by giving you highest quality products, superior levels of technical support and outstanding customer service -  we work hard to earn your trust.

Food Industry Consulting
-Personal assistance
-Requirements Identification food analysis lab georgia
-Marketing solutions

Product Development and Optimization
-Support throughout the process
-Food Laboratory testing
-Large scale tests
-New product development
-Product Optimization
-Cost reduction of existing formulations

-Separate lines
-Homogeneous blending
-Safety Sieving
-Metal detection
-High quality standards
-Internal and external laboratory
-Allergen monitoring
-Customized Packaging upon request

Learn how Dr. G’s Creations®  can assist your company to develop new tastes and new products, increasing productivity and increasing profitability. More about Functional Food Systems Support; Seasoning Blends, Flavor System and laboratory analysis


Dr. G’s Creations®  LLC
145 Ben Burton Road
Bogart, GA 30622-6821
Phone: 706-369-9453
Cell: 859-380-6509

Our Mission: Establish trust and integrity through honesty, working hard as a team player, and improving resources to the foodservice and food manufacturing sector.

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