NuPhos Phosphate Replacer in Food

Functional Ingredients - Phosphate Replacement For Texture & Yield Improvement

NuPhos® Phosphate Replacement Systems

NuPhos® is a wonder hydrocolloid system developed for food industry by Dr. G’s Creations.  A clean label ingredient system designed to be used in foods for overall product enhancement.  A replacement for phosphate in meats (Poultry, Turkey, Seafood, Beef, Pork, etc) to maintain yield, texture, and other quality characteristics of the product.  This product will provide superior binding and moisture retention.

Package: 50 lbs bag – multi wall Kraft bag.

Storage: Optimum Temperature is dry and cool less than 90 F with less 60% relative humidity.  
Shelf life is 9 – 12 months.

NuPhos® 300 is designed to be used for marinating whole or chunks of meats (poultry, seafood, Turkey, Pork, and Beef). It hydrates easily to provides a stable viscosity that prevents moisture loss during freezing and thawing process.   Additional benefits; Phosphate Replacement - Functional Ingredients

- Easily blends with other ingredients
- Neutral flavor, superior product
- Minimizes weegage /purge
- Increases yield
- Improves adhesion                                                                   
- More stable marinate with uniform seasoning delivery
- Helps in stability of flavor system.
- Provides good moisture binding
- Firmer Texture
- Improves flash off during frying
- Great flavor carrier
- Achieves consistent results


Phosphate Replacement  NuPhos® 100 is a right choice for meat, chicken and seafood  light breaded, breaded par fried or fully cooked product and provides benefit such as;

- Better Texture
- High cook yield
- Juicier products
- Easy to use                                                         
- Freeze / thaw stability
- Better moisture retention
- Use in marinade systems
- Replaces or enhances phosphate
- Improves heat lamp stability
- Alternative to Soy use
- Achieves consistent results


Functional phosphate Ingredients

NuPhos® 700 is designed with native starches and is used for whole pieces or chunks of meat products.  Used in marinades to provide stable viscosity and provide benefits such as:

- Moisture retention
- Marinade stabilizer
- Purge reduction                                                                 
- Yield enhancer in raw marinated block frozen              
- Improves bite and maintains juiciness
- Cold water soluble stabilizer system
- Provides lighter / smoother bite


NuPhos® 702 is a unique product with neutral flavor that can be used as a stabilizer in meat marinade systems with benefit such as;
- Cleaner bite
- Use in white meat and seafood products
- Provides a good texture in soup product

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