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Batter and Breading Systems

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What are Dr. G’s Creations® Batter and Breading Systems?

Predust, Batter and Breader - As Simple as 1-2-3!

Dr. G’s Creations® develops complete and custom breading systems for poultry, seafood, pork, beef, and vegetables. These systems enable products to be tender and juicy with a flavorful, crispy crunch. 

Predust Systems

Our Predust systems are specially formulated from a variety of different starches, flours and proteins to promote maximum adhesion to the product. 

Batter Systems

Our Batter systems work in unison with our Predust and Breading systems to ensure adhesion with a flavorful, stable crunch. 

Breader Systems

Our Breader systems are custom blended to create a product that has the desired texture, crunch, and color based on your specifications.

Product Line

  • Lightly Breaded

  • Breaded

  • Fritter

  • Croquette

  • Tempura Style

  • Sous Vide Battered

  • Bakeable/Fryable

  • Southern Style

  • Mediterranean Style

  • Cajun Style

  • Customizable Options Designed to Suit Your Needs

  • Used on:

    • Poultry

    • Seafood

    • Pork

    • Beef

    • Vegetables

Product Attributes


Why Choose Dr. G's Creations® Batter and Breading Systems?

  • Basic in Flour

  • Crispy, Crunchy Breading

  • Custom Options to Suit Your Needs

  • Proven Solution

  • Ease of Use

  • Cost Effective

Call or email Dr. G’s Creations® today and let us WOW you and your customers’ experience with superior products when you use our line of clean label ingredients!


Package: 25 or 50 lb bag

Shelf life: 4-6 months in dry, cool conditions

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