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Dr. Bahman Ghavimi's Story


“My mission is to establish trust and integrity through honesty and working hard as a team player, and providing resources to the food service and food manufacturing sector.” Bahman Ghavimi, PhD


Dr. G's Story

Dr. Bahman Ghavimi immigrated to America from Tehran, Iran, via Bangor, Maine for a year-long course to learn English. He then began graduate studies at Mississippi State University (MSU) in 1978. An entrepreneur at age 17, his first business was in drafting and design, then taxidermy. Dr. Ghavimi has created many patentable inventions, registered trademarks, and industrial machine designs.

In 1986 at MSU, a grad professor recognized Bahman’s talent when he designed the first multi-functional meat tumbler in the United States. This was one of many creations to follow as part of his dissertation research on nonvacuum, vacuum and nitrogen back-flush tumbling on varied characteristics of restricted cured beef.

With his engineering and food science technology backgrounds, Dr. Ghavimi developed a catfish loaf that received media attention through catfish capital, Mississippi. He has worked at MSU, Gulf City Fisheries, Wayne Farms and Wild Flavors. In January of 2008, Dr. Bahman Ghavimi founded Dr. G’s Creations, LLC.

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