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Product History


Our Product History

Some of our products have unique history with an interesting story. Make sure to check the stories out below!

Ne Yu® Bind

Ingredients are used in meat and poultry products to increase the water-holding capacity, reduce the cooking loss, improve the textural properties, and improve yield.  In  2009,  Ne Yu Bind®  was developed to give processors and users cleaner ingredients with usage flexibility. We at Dr. G’s Creations® understand the need of the industry for cleaner labels.  We continuously develop products with our technology and methods to meet demand. 


Ne Yu Bind® was designed to hold the moisture in the meat and give the consumer a product with superior taste and texture.  We use technology to expand usage of the product in various areas and design many products to meet the processor and consumer need with winning results.  Ne Yu® Bind maintains that craveable juiciness in baking, frying, and grilling processes. 

Ne Yu® Bite

Dr. G’s Creations® developed Ne Yu® Bite in 2014 to improve the palatability or feel of processed foods.

Food “Bite” is simply how food feels in your mouth. People make decisions about the food they prefer based on food texture, dryness, hardness or softness and other physical sensations in the mouth. Processed Food texture can be improved with certain ingredients during processing that will help food to taste or feel fresh after being frozen or processed.

It is a fundamental sensory attribute which, along with taste and smell, determines the overall enjoyment of a food item. Most people have a predetermined or learned feel in their mouth of how a food item should feel the first time they taste it. If it does not feel good to them in their mouth, they associate the different feel with poor taste.

Ne Yu® Coat

Ne Yu® Coat was a challenging development at the start!  In 2011,  Dr. G’s Creations® was working on a project to improve the moisture and texture of chicken products.  While working on this project with the customer and evaluating the product with smell of good result and smile,  we were given a project to improve chicken wings from freezer to fryer.  Our customer cooked a sample batch and reviewed the current process with us.  The next day, we came back on with a product to review and it was a WOW!  Then we worked on the project as normal for 18 months with small lab test until it went to the plant test.  Everyone was excited to go for plant test and thought it would be a piece of cake.  In the middle of the run we took a sample to test in the kitchen for trial.  WOW!  It had turned to Black Jerky chicken wings due to burning.  We were majorly disappointed but we went back to the lab to work on it for 72 – 78 hrs non-stop.  The product tasted ok but it did not have an appetizing appearance. We were determined to correct the issue and went back to our plant.  Same as usual, at the last minute we figured out the problem.  Finally, on Sunday afternoon, all my team was out in the plant to make a test batch.  We rented a large SUV to load the 600 lbs of product and drive overnight to the customer plant for a test run.  We all were not sure what will be the result. With a lot of prayer, we started the run on Monday as it was schedule for second time.  Nobody was as excited as the first time.  However, the product came out with a great appearance and was succulent!  WOW such a great product.  Immediately, we was told that Dr. G earned his credibility.  Excitement was echoed in the air and Ne Yu® Coat was born. 


In the product, use the NuPhos® and Ne Yu® Bind technology with the carrier to produce a crispy and crunchy product we achieved a well experienced product.  The product has an easy to cook and very forgiving operator error tolerance.  Today, we have used the technique to develop various custom products for our customer to give them texture, color and superior product they needed.  Ne Yu® Coat maintains that craveable crunchiness in baked or fried products.



Phosphates are widely used as food additives in meat and poultry products to increase the water-holding capacity, reduce the cooking loss, improve the textural properties, and improve yield.  In early 2008, NuPhos® was born to give the meat industry a cleaner product versus the traditionally used phosphates.  Dr. G has worked all his professional career in the meat industry and understands the role of using phosphate in meats.


NuPhos® was designed to perform a similar ionic moisture migration as phosphate to give the consumer products that are juicier and tastier.  We use technology to increase the applications of the product in various areas. Dr. G’s Creations® continues to design many products to meet the needs of the processor and their consumers with winning results.  Simply put, NuPhos® helps create the canvas for your product to showcase its superiority!


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