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Technical Resources

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Our Technical Resources team will partner with you for all of your project needs. Leverage our years of experience to create trend setting products, assist with processing issues, and improve product performance. 


Technical Support

Our experienced technical support team can assist you with identifying and solving your product and process issues.


Research & Development

Our team of seasoned professionals create flavor and processing solutions for you.

We combine product and technical knowledge with business perspectives to bring your project to market efficiently with consistent high quality.


Business & Market Intelligence

We work with our customers to develop strategies for getting ahead of their competitors. Not only do we help you develop new products, but we have the capability to supply the critical functional food ingredients to help implement on an industrial scale. 

Food Regulations, Quality and Safety

We are SQF and HACCP Certified.  Our food and processing experts will help you to ensure product safety from bench to bag.


Ingredient Functionality

Dr. G’s Creations® specializes in the design and application of functional ingredient systems to impart the desired texture, yield and taste characteristics of processed foods.


Product Development

Developing custom products is what we do. With your brand guardrails in mind, we can meet your processing, nutritional, and flavor needs.

Whether you want a marinade and crunchy breading system for your chicken sandwich LTO, or a dry rub for your signature baby back ribs, we can provide you with the great products that your customers expect and deserve. From concept to plate, we are your go to solution.

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